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When Israelis, Palestinians, Bedouin Arabs, and American settlers in the West Bank are brought together with the shared goal of losing weight, they find out they have far more in common than they ever would have imagined. A Slim Peace takes a revealing look at the universal struggle for acceptance, understanding and personal transformation in a land of intractable conflict.

Director Yael Luttwak cajoles American settlers, Palestinians, Israelis and Bedouins into forming a weekly Weight Loss group led by one Palestinian and one Israeli dietician from the world-famous Hadassah Hospital. The documentary is filmed in Jerusalem over six weeks in January/February 2006 against the tumultuous political backdrop of Hammas’ landslide victory and Ariel Sharon’s hospitalization. As the world’s cameras focus on a war zone, this film allows the viewer into individual women’s lives. From the initial tension, we see surprising connections develop within the group meetings and we follow the women out into their homes and separate worlds.

A Slim Peace is a sensitive, unusual, entertaining and most of all deeply human portrayal of women on both sides of the Palestinian/Israeli border.

Feature: Aljazeera - The Fabulous Picture Show "A Slim Peace" 14 July 2007