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james layton as gabriel

lee williams as seth

seth (lee williams) and polly (leila lloyd-evelyn) share a moment

mrs drax (rosemarie dunham) is tormented by fanny (rita davies)

kevin moore as the preist

seth (lee williams, front), with gabriel (james layton) and polly (leila lloyd-evelyn )

rosemarie dunham as mrs drax

doreen (margaret towner) and fanny (rita davies),
up to no good.

the drax family: kester (matthew dean), mary (angharad rees), mark (david prescott)
and polly (leila lloyd-evelyn)

angharad rees as mary drax

mrs biffen (venetia lang), mr john (richard michael-morris) and parsnip the dog

gabriel (james layton) and seth (lee williams)